Who are the Biggest Stars in eSports?

Every sport has its Muhammad Ali, its Michael Jordan, or its Tiger Woods, including esports. Since 2014, eSports has provided gamers the chance to compete with one another professionally, even earning mention on ESPN. There are esports playoffs and championships, and an array of games that people play. If you are wondering who the biggest names in esports are at the moment, that esports news  is provided for you below. Although these names are some of the biggest and best in the world of esports, there are so many others who also share in claim to fame in the esports world.

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Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, is also owns a large share of Complexity Gaming. The company has now relocated to Dallas Cowboys World Center to handle business. Complexity Sports owner Jason Lake couldn’t be more thrilled with the acquisition.

Andre Bloom is a name that you know if you’ve had any interest in esports thus far. He is ‘the voice’ of eSports, known as a shoutcaster, who commentates behind the scenes and always makes the crowd smile. Bloom won the Golden Joystick in 2015, and he even has his own YouTube phenomenon!

No sport is complete without a bad boy, and in the world of esports, that happens to be none other than William Hjelte. The Super Smash Bros champion doesn’t fit the bad boy image, but certainly lives it as he talks trash as he dominates the competition. He has a slew of corporate sponsors, including Red Bull.

Richard Lewis is another important name in the world of esports. A journalist, Lewis works for The Daily Dot and is known for his fiery antics and tell-it-like-it-is reporting. He is a name that most familiar with eSports know and follow to keep track of the latest esports news.

These are some of the names in esports that you may or may not know now, but will soon if you decide to participate in esports. These are the top names in the game, whether a player, someone helping spread the word, or an investor.