The Vehicle Poetry Slam Spring 2013


156003_10201590006091058_1404808776_nIn celebration of our reentry into the world of print, the Vehicle Magazine held our biannual poetry slam on Celebration weekend, Celebration being a festival held at the university. We had a variety of poets each bringing something beautiful to contribute. Enjoy!


 Winner of the Spring 2013 Vehicle Poetry Slam Asha Hoover reading “What Color is Love?”


Second Place: Alexandra Dean reading “Gangsta Librarian”


Third Place: Seth Mourer reading “Poem from a Bathroom Stall”

Seth Mourer freestyling


Greg Peterson reading “Paper Cuts” and “Paper Mache Poetry”



Scott May reading “I Want You to Look at Me, for Five Minutes”


Shelby Koehne reading “Dear Valentine’s Day”


 Michael Skasick reading “Ode to a Haggis” by Robert Burns


Jennifer Terrell reading “Premonition”


Brandon Thomas reading “Can You See the Real Me?”


 James K Johnson Award Winners from Spring 2012:

Hannah Green reading “Tender Flesh”



Shelby Koehne reading “Faking It”

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