NaPoMo 2014

The Vehicle and students from EIU are celebrating National Poetry Month!

Click the links below to watch students reading their favorite pieces of poetry.

Day 1  Bill Stinde reads “Sonnet 110″ by William Shakespeare

Day 2  Tatiana Poelinitz Reads “And 2Morrow” by Tupac Shakur

Day 3  Cody Carlson Reads “Song of Chameleon” by Adrian Castro

Day 4  Briana George Reads “Perfect <3″ by Laura Watson

Day 5  Connor Lewis Reads “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

Day 6  Stephanie Blessman Reads “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes

Day 7  Ivory Watts Reads “The Secrets We Hide” by Tiffany Franklin

Day 8  Claire Terveer Reads “Stanza” by Tomás Q. Morín

Day 9 Kaitlyn Spence Reads “Homidical Rainbow” by Kai Davis

Day 10 Kaitlyn Spence Reads “Madness Vase” by Andrea Gibson

Day 11 Tana Young Reads “The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart” by Jack Gilbert

Day 12 Rebekah Simcox Reads “I’m the Most Wonderful Person I Know” by Jack Perlutzky 

Day 13 Scott May Reads “Number 10″ from the Blue Notebook by Daniil Kharms

Day 14 Gabrielle Knock Reads “Your Catfish Friend” By Richard Brautigan

Day 15 Tj Martinson Reads “A Supermarket in California” by Allen Ginsberg

Day 16 JP Salas Reads “The 7 Poems of Justin Bieber” By Amanda Song  

 Day 21 Sol Ennis-Klyczek Reads “Apostle” by Graham Lewis

Day 29 Dr. Lania Knight Reads “The Catch–All” by John Palen

Day 30 Steve Nathaniel Reads “Burning the Christmas Greens” by William Carlos Williams