Brian Vorce reading “After the Bomb Tests” by Jane Cooper

Brian Vorce, Senior, Journalism major at Eastern Illinois University
NaPoMo Reading Series



“After the Bomb Tests” by Jane Cooper

“The atom bellies like a cauliflower,
Expands, expands, shoots up again, expands
Into ecclesiastical curves and towers
We pray to with our cupped and empty hands.
This is the old Hebraic-featured fear
We nursed before humility began,
our crown-on-crown or phallic parody
Begat by man on the original sea.

The sea’s delivered. Galvanized and smooth
She kills a tired ship left in her lap
–Transfiguration–with a half-breath
Settling like an animal in sleep.
So godhead takes the difficult form of love.
Where is the little myth we used to have?”