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Editor: Hannah Osborne Hannah Osborne is a senior undergraduate at Eastern Illinois University where she majors in English and minors in Professional Writing. When she’s not napping in between classes and work, she is either drinking iced coffee or vigorously crossing Continue Reading

Four Days in October by George Jones

Four weeks since I have seen you. These weeks that may as well been years. I can remember this past summer when we first met. Who knew that spark could ignite a fire?

A Letter from Outer Space by Alex Phillips

Not too long ago, I found a toothpick in my cot. Again. I turned my whole cot upside-down and watched crumbs float out. Chocolate wafer crumbs. They reminded me of thin-mints, the kind the little girls in sashes Continue Reading

The Chess Teacher by MaryAnne Kolton

Lisa lay on the sofa, crying for a long time.  Was this her fault?  Had she given him some sign?  Encouraged him in some way?  It was true she had thought he was cute.  Did he sense that Continue Reading

Three Photographs by Eleanor Bennett

Alan with lung cancer-worry of the one in three VHS Memoir Winter {Back to the Spring 2012 issue}

Face/Dots by Rachel Carbonell

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Two Poems by Kenneth Gurney

Natural Instinctive State The heat of love sometimes burns my fingers and I pull them back. It is not always easy

How Free to Be a Tree by Leann Kirchner

Just one word, a phrase or two, Something simple, or something new. I left all my plight in a place far away. The clamor of the city and its mighty bray.

The First Time I Saw Him Cry by Rachel Marsom-Richmond

Dad painted the house for hours. I watched him climb his ladder each day, long arms and brush working together to reach each corner and crevice. He’d researched Victorian colors,

Four Poems by Corey Mesler

Hearing Dog Language Sometimes you learn more by misunderstanding. Sometimes you learn more by hearing only a little bit.