Category: Poetry

“Bridge” by Megan Olson

The heart is Smarter than the mind. It has gone out On a ribcage bridge,

“Misogynist?” by Scott May

I saw a girl riding a motorcycle With a Band Aid on her right arm.

Four Poems by Emily Scarbrough

Jealous of a Goddamn Deity my mother ambushes me with one more Jesus talk about how God made the world and me

Two Poems by Emily Blair

Working Man My lover treads on callouses, square toes and stomping steps, low arches and swollen ankles. My lover’s joints pop and moan

Two Poems by John F. Buckley

Beanstalks From the loam of my birth, a beanstalk sprouts. A vast scarecrow crucifix

Six Poems by Kitty Jospé

What the Repo Man saw [1]             through the lens of his camera: a solo armchair with creases in the leather, oily marks on the headrest,

“Run-Ons” by C.J. Harrington

The first time it happened wasn’t the first time it happened, it was the first time someone saw me between you and your motorcycle reaching for your keys

Three Poems by Robert Huotari

Crop Circle Every present moment has its watershed, two dialects at least and one competing priest. In every window pane a face, the shards of night, the little hotel bottles that we share and that we are.

Three Poems by Michael Campagnoli

Sole di Pasqua down the street, they came: dressed in red   out of the mist, the darkness of dawn,

“Midnight Confessions of an Empire” by Brett Stout

oh my the old glory,   how we must sit back now and marvel at our greatness,