Famous Personal Trainers

There are a few names in the health industry that stand out from the rest. Included in this category is the Personal Trainer. A PT is a talented individual who has unique attributes to offer to those ready to lose weight, but who need that extra helping hand to progress. PTs provide an abundance of services, all tailored to your exact needs. You will find they help you plan the right exercises and meal plans just as easily as they offer you support and motivation.

Some POSTs are so good at what they do, they’ve earned celeb status. These trainers are the names that are recognized with just one mention, who have the expertise that takes the individual to new heights with their fitness plans. Some of the most famous trainers are listed below. Although you may be unable or have no desire to hire a trainer with a status in life such as those below, it is important that you have this professional on your side to make your fitness goals much easier to attain.

Some of the names in personal training that you might recognize:

Personal Trainer

·    Gunnar Peterson: Peterson has assisted celebs like Kim Kardashian West, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez. He’s been in the industry for more than 20 years and offers a unique fitness approach that most other trainers fail to provide.

·    Lou Ferrigno: Ferrigno was the trainer of Michael Jackson before he passed away. He is a title-winning bodybuilder, an actor, and a supporter of living healthy.

·    Bob Greene: Bob Greene is the PT for Oprah Winfrey. He is also an author who’s written several books. He focuses his attention of dieting and lifestyles.

·    Mark Jenkins: The PT for names like Mary J Blige, P Diddy, Missy Elliot, Beyonce, and a host of other A-list celeb, Mark Jenkins is tough, but compassionate, helping his clients get results.

·    Joe DiAngelo: DiAngelo is a PT and an Inside Fitness magazine writer. He’s also a motivational speaker who’s traveled around the world to deliver his mind-blowing speeches of hope and encouragement.

These are some of the trainers who you may have heard of a time or two in the past because of the celebs they train and their high power status. And, of course, at the end of the day, it is all because they do so wonderfully what they’re paid to do. Which of these trainers would you like most to work with?