Slam Dunks: March Madness, Vehicle-style

Tonight was The Vehicle‘s Spring 2012 launch party, and we rang in the new issue with a bang–or should I say–a SLAM.  We hosted a poetry slam at Charleston, IL’s local coffee shop, Jackson Avenue Coffee (known lovingly by Charleston residents as The JAC).  We had a great turnout, both in the audience and in performers.  A total of 8 poets brought their A-game to the stage and gave our five random judges from the audience a difficult task in picking a winner.  In the end, we crowned Joshua Magee, from LakeLand College as this year’s winner.  In second place, Eastern’s own Danny Delaney; and Bruce Goble, a community poet, took home the third place prize.

We’d like to thank the following people for their help in making tonight an absolute success:  in no particular order, Roxane Gay, Lania Knight, Chris Hanlon, Dana Ringuette, Linda Coleman, and David Raybin–you all have provided us with the emotional, intellectual, and monetary support that made this event possible.  We applaud Dano Reible for making it his business to be a supporter of the arts, and for allowing The Vehicle to jump on his bandwagon to let the creativity in Coles County blossom. He generously allowed us use of his coffee shop for a venue tonight, provided us with free reign of his equipment, and donated $30 in gift cards for door prizes. He rocks (and so does his coffee).

For those who missed tonight’s merriment–or just want to relive the fun–here are some videos of the performances of tonight’s winners:

Joshua Magee–First Place Winner
Part OnePart Two

Danny Delaney–Second Place Winner

Bruce Goble–Third Place Winner


The Vehicle Lives!

The much-anticipated OFFICIAL launch of the Spring 2012 issue has arrived, and just like any other good rock and roll, it’s here to stay.

(DISCLAIMER: You’re about to witness a car wreck as I try to fit as many puns into this next paragraph as I possibly can.)

The road here was a rocky one.  There were twists; there were turns. At the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester, the staff had inherited quite the fixer-upper:  flat tires, broken headlights, a smashed windshield, and a busted engine. Thanks to our rock-star contributors, our dedicated staff, our advisers, and our supporters, we’ve been able to turn that heap into a hot rod.  As you’ll probably notice, The Vehicle has received a good vacuuming, an oil change, a fresh coat of paint, and a thorough waxing:  she’s cherry.

And now, we’re handing you the keys. Take a spin and enjoy the view. Just make sure you fill the tank up before you bring it back.