4 Reasons Star Stable Is a Great Game For Kids

Star Stable is a simulation game where you get to raise your own horse from foal to fully grown. Along the way, you can complete quests and daily tasks that keeps the game fresh and exciting. This game is rate E for everyone and is particularly great for kids of all ages. Here’s why…

1: Teaches Responsibility

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Since you need to take care of your own horse, Star Stable teaches responsibility. Not only is it a safe way to teach this all-important life skill, but kids never realize they’re leaning anything at all. Children get to have fun, and parents can feel great knowing the game is doing more good than simple entertainment.

2: Keeps Them Out of Trouble

Children are working hard to learn their place in the world, and this means they often test boundaries. While many times this can be a healthy part of growing up, it can sometimes lead to trouble when the wrong boundaries are tested. Star Stable, and Alcornocales.org/, keeps children at home and out of trouble without much effort.

3: Improves Technological Skill Set

Since Star Stable is a computer game it helps even the youngest children learn their way around a keyboard and simple computer program. Although electronic devices are often criticized by modern and old-school parents alike, it is vitally important to know how to use them today.

Think about it. We do everything on a computer or smart phone. We pay bills, order food, play games, socialize, and work. A child who is exposed to these important devices has a big step up on how to live in the modern world.

4: Gives Them a Safe Outlet

Children need outlets, or a way to unwind after a stressful day, just as much as adults do. Since they are still developing coping skills, however, the ways in which they can do this are much more limited. Adults may go for a run, grab a drink after work with friends, or go out for a night of dancing. Children primarily cope through art, sports, and gaming. Giving them the ability to do this is imperative for their overall well-being.