Four Poems by Emily Scarbrough

Jealous of a Goddamn Deity

my mother ambushes

me with one more Jesus talk

about how God made the world

and me Continue reading

“And By the Grace of God, We’ll Travel West” a Novel Excerpt by Aaron White

Grandpa’s tires slide on the slick pavement and he barely stops at the intersection. His white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel tightens. He mutters to himself and stares ahead, burning holes in the station wagon’s windshield. The radio is off and the night hums. Continue reading

Scary Monsters by David Banyai

When the phone rings, I am picturing Kimmy a brunette at school who is always good for a casual roll in the sheets.  I quickly waddle across the house and trip over the dog to answer the phone. (Not very dignified, but not completely unfamiliar.) On about the fifth or sixth ring, “Hello”.  “Is Del there?” I recognize the voice immediately.  “You got him.  Hey Rick Continue reading

Five Poems by Eliot Thompson

Dear Mother

You raised me in a chapel of ease, raised to please, raised for and from love. You birthed me and I was yours to keep.

You were the tree and I the leaf, eternally dependent from bud to branch sucking the Continue reading

Valve by Christopher Robison

“It’s your aorta valve,” the doctor says. “The valve is dilated, and instead of closing, it stays partially open, allowing the blood to flow back into your heart. We’ll have to replace the valve right away. You’ll die if we don’t.”

The doctor is a handsome man Continue reading