Muebles Pasados de Moda by Daniel Mahoney

Artist: Muebles Pasados de Moda

Album: Silence: More Profound Than Pure Silence

Label: Akon


 The first few notes of Silence: More Profound Than Pure Silence feel like a blurry  soundtrack of 1974, like some holiday couple on a walk near a river in Buenos Aires or La Paz or Lima.  A down tempo warble bass line and slither-saturated wheeze drift color the Continue reading

The Gate Keepers of Kosovo by Frank Scozzari


This is Radio Free Kosovo – Your voice of democracy throughout the Balkans. We come to all of thee, from our soul to your soul, for the soul of Kosovo.”


Lieutenant Krisman stared at the small transistor radio sputtering out the fast, high-pitched voice. It sat on a rock in the bright winter sun just beyond the shade of the pine trees.  He took one last drag from the cigarette that hung limply from his mouth, Continue reading

Zion by Rachel Cochran

Approaching the theme park, between sun-sizzled asphalt and heat-warped sky, the first thing Hemadri noticed were the strippers. They stood out, burlesque and painted, twelve or so of them. Parts of their skin were exposed to the streaming summer light–between the hems of their blouses and the waistbands of their shorts, and miles of leg which stretched beneath these, and little patches inside strappy wedge sandals. They lounged in Continue reading